I have a problem with my sound on all programs for video (Youtube, DVD's, etc) Whatever program I use (WMP, real player, Win amp, quick time, etc) I can not get good volume levels. I have updated the drivers (Realtek) I have turned all controlls to max, ensured that every setting is at its highest, yet I still can not get a good sound level. I am running windows XP SP3 fully updated. P4, 3200 AMD processor with 1.5Gb RAM. I was getting good sound and then it just reduced for no understandable reason. I even did a clean re-install of windows and reloaded all programs again but I never again had good volume.

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try /make sure you are using the latest most up to date sound drivers for your device

I have downloaded the latest Realtec drivers from the suppliers web site.
One thing I did not mention in my post is that it is only low sound from my head phones, the sound from my speakers is good but when I unplug my speakers and plug in my head phones I can hardly hear the sound. (I have tried a new set of headphones.)
When I plug any plug into my computer, a window for the control of sound pops up where I can preform a sound test. The sound is good on the speakers but poor on my headphones.

My speakers are USB powered without a socket for the headphones.

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