Hi. I had spyware and viruses but I got rid of them. Right now I'm using safe mode with networking in order to access the internet. The reason being is, no matter what I do, my computer freezes up when I load it normally. I don't understand what's happening and I can't do anything about it. Does anyone know what could be going on and how to fix it? There's nothing wrong with it apparently. I have run virus scans and uniblue. There's nothing on it anymore. I did have spyware on it for a long time though. Even with the spyware, it wouldn't freeze up. Now that everything is gone, it's freezing up about 5-10 minutes after turning on the computer. Not in safe mode though.

Have you tried altering any startup programs?

go to start > run (windows key + R) and type msconfig.

go on the startup tab and click on disable all. Then select the programs you need for example any anti virus programs and firewall.

You may want to consider reinstalling the Operating System.

Thanks! Yeah. I'll try that. :)

I would also download and run Glary Utilities. It will clean your registry, cleanup temp files and it will also remove any unwanted startup entries

it may also be aorth checking inboot.ini, win.ini and system.ini (old boot compatible files from win95 and won 3 etrc as there may be booting files here that freeze it and just need reomoving!