Because as of a few days ago my computer got hack into!They got my isp address & was using my email to send out spam! I let my internet provider no & change'd my password & all that good stuff!But ever since every now & then! I'll try to go to some web-site or something!And my screen goes black for awhile!Then the site I was tring to get comes up!What's up with that?Is my puter about to crash!Its happen before when I first got the dang thing!What do I do?


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well most of the time it is hard to tell but probably if your computer starts to slow down and then you get a lot of errors or blue screens then your computer will probably crash a lot. If you ever get an error that a program had to end its self then you should reboot and if you recieve blue screens of death then yo need to check your memory and your drivers. The best way to prevent against crashes is to do anti-virus scans, spyware scans and make system restore points before either modifying your registry or installing any major programs.


If someone hacked into my system (which actually did happen once and I reformatted my system!), I'd want to at least make sure everything was clean. Follow the recommendations in this thread:

Go to Windows Update and get all your Critical Updates (if you're using WinXP, don't get SP2 until after you're sure your system is clean).

Get SpywareBlaster (in that thread), update it, and have it enable all protection.

After you've done all tha, post a Hijackthis log (also explained in that thread) in the Security forum.


Heck, if someone has really "hacked", ie, compromised your system's security through intrusion, I'd just back up my data, wipe it out, and reinstall. That way, they couldn't have left any programs there, like keyloggers, or other tools.

But, that's assuming that you were really "hacked". More than likely, you're just a victim of spyware or a virus. Is there really anything that important on your machine that someone would want to steal?

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