i just got my laptop in 2008 and i want to completely reformat it to where it is exactly the way it was when i got it....system restore doesnt seem to work. Any help would be great! oh and its windows vista!

Check your owners manual, there is normally an easy way to boot your machine and do a complete restore to its original condition. On Dell it is Crrl and F11 as it boots. Others you may need to boot with the CDs that came with the laptop. Without more information about your machine, I can not help you.

i accidently deleated the d drive and the restore part how can i get my compaq presario windows vista premium to go to original condition easiest way not needing to save any info just back to original condition, help please SNIP robert thank you for any assistance. im a carpenter not a it tech help

How long ago? If it has not been overwritten, there are plenty of tools which will recover the deleted partition. One is Partition Wizard 5.0 [get the bootable cd iso using another computer, burn a cd, use it to boot your own sys and then scan the disk].
Another is Testdisk... you could dl it to and run it from a flashdrive. Easy.
Both tools are free. Google for them.

Do you need to recover everything,

I would just backup what you have now with free backup software like www.dmailer-backup-software.com

Then get the restore cd that came with your computer and boot to it to run the reover tool and restore windows.

If they provided a restore partition then I bet they did not provide a cd. And if he had it, he would not be asking about recovering the deleted partition. Likely enough.
And robert, welcome to the world of email bots. Viagra ads are on their way.

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