My computer keeps spontaneously freezing up. The screen goes white or blue with coloured horizontal lines on it. I have to restart and when i do an error message comes up saying that my computer has recovered from a serious error. It does this every few hours.

The only things that have changed on my computer since this started are as follows:
I had some viruses and such that I totally cleaned using the procedures and help of someone in the Viruses and Nasties forum. My HJT log and Ewido log show that my computer is now clean so I don't think it relates to that.
I installed a new wireless mouse and keyboard and forgot to uninstall the old one first. I have now uninstalled the old one.
I installed and have been using Mozilla Firefox but have since quit using it as the pages freeze up after a period of time.


Scan your computer for viruses:

In the case that your browser cannot be opened long enough to perform the scan due to freezing, please install and fully update a version of antivirus.

While you're at it, download, update, and run both:


The bars on your screen are related to your video card/driver. If a virus/Adware/Spyware/or malware is affecting this, then the above tools should prevent future problems. However, the problem may not be infection related and it is then necessary to re-install your video drivers from the OEM; don't use Microsoft plug & play.

I see you had problems requiring hijackthis. Spyware/Adware/malware are very vicious sometimes. So, in fact, that sometimes they are impossible to remove safely. I'm not sure if you're advanced enough to backup, format, and re-install windows, but for the trouble you're going through, it may just be worth it.


I have already done all of those things (except the video card thing because I don't know how) but since I last posted it would seem that it only shuts down when I use Mozilla Firefox. I guess I'll just quit using it.

I installed VISTA on my HP Windows XP. When I try to run the Intel to check for my drivers it goes to a blue schreen with white horizontal lines and shuts down. I tried this several times.

I installed Windows 7 on my Gateway and I have sound on everything except Youtube and some things on Internet Explorer 8.

try to check your memory if it is licking how many ram do you have?, if 2 check each ram by pull out each, then put it back one by one,, explore your pc if your pc does not hang up. pull out ram then replace the second one if the second ram causing your pc to hang up,, the case is the second ram is leaking ...

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