I have an XP Pro "corporate" laptop that I'd like to turn into a basic home computer. It was configured to log into a domain controller.

I went to Control Panel -> System -> Computer Name and told the system it was part of a workgroup and not a domain. However, when I reboot, it still makes me enter ctrl+alt+del before I can get a login window, it forces me to put passwords on accounts, etc. Is there anything, short of reinstalling the OS, to fix this?


Thanks for trying, but that doesn't help. The article is about demoting domain controllers. I want to remove a regular computer, not a domain controller, from a domain and make it a workgroup member instead (which I have done successfully).

I also want to get rid of the domain login window. This is proving more of a challenge.

One hint for anyone else who ever tries this. Make sure that there is an account in the Local Administrators group on the computer you are trying to remove before you remove it from a domain! If you don't, then you will not be able to log back in after you reboot. For the gory details, see:


And no, I didn't make this mistake...

Do you see anything in regards to Novell? When you right click My Computer and go to properties. Please select the "Computer Name" tab and please click change.

Tell me what is selected and what is listed for it's name. You want to make sure WORKGROUP is selected and if it is name it something else please. You might think it's part of the domain when it can just be part of a WORKGROUP.