Could you teach me step-by-step how to uninstall Windows ME and install something else?

Thank you.

well what are you goin to be installing? and do you have it already?

Not yet, I just wanted to know. The thing is like this: I'm not the best with PCs. I bought mine last year and the store teller offered to leave the Windows ME installed (who was I to refuse it?). Last month I wanted to install Matrix reloaded, but I got an error and I uninstalled it. Unfortunately, after I uninstalled the game the memory was not released (approximately 3 giga)!!! So, I searched all files containing the word "matrix" and I deleted them. But I think I deleted more than I should have had, and now I get all kind of errors, like "d3d9.dll file not found" and I cand do all the things I did before. Like, play Yahoo.Chess or other board games.
So, I looked into Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs, but Windows ME doesn't appear there to uninstall it. To make a long thing short, this is why I asked the question.
Thanks for the patience!

ok you said your not very good with computer so how much computer knowledge are we talking here? i need to know cause if your not a computer geek i need to make sure i dont use words that will confuse you. and another thing you do no that uninstalling windows ME means you wont have an Operating System (OS) on there anymore and you wont be able to do anything with the computer untill you reinstall a new OS, like windows XP or reinstall Windows ME. but you jst let us know that and i will start trying to help out i will try to help out this weekend but im goin to my parents house for the weekend and i dont know how much i will be online so you mite have to have someone else help but i will try my best. :)

I am only a PC user, I don't know much about what's inside a computer or about computer language (sorry). For the moment I don't have another Operating System that I could install, so before going through with uninstalling Windows ME that I have now I need to get something else. First of all, I'm not too happy with this ME version, so I would like to have something else. Any suggestions?
Than, I think I should save my files before uninstalling the OP, right?

PS: I'm in Europe, so the difference in hour might cause a delay in me replying.

Okay, first of all it's not "Memory", it's "Hard Disk Space". Memory is non-volotile (ie, it's cleared every time you restart your computer), and therefore it's impossible for something to "take up memory". Also, you don't HAVE 3 Gb of Memory/RAM, because the maximum that Windows ME supports is 512mb.

Okay, by the sounds of it you deleted DirectX 9, which was a pretty stupid thing to do. But that's not your fault. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and an important rule to remember is that if you don't know what something is, you don't delete it.

As far as a new operating system goes, if your system was running Windows ME then it's probably not powerful enough to run anything newer, unless you bought it new from a store in the last 2 years or so, in which case it should be suited to run Windows 2000, which is much more stable and secure than any of the old Windows 9x series. (Yes, Windows ME was Windows 99, effectively, with a version number of 4.9.3000 - Windows 95 was 4.0.950).

The first thing to do would be to obtain a Windows 98 Second Edition CD, or a Windows 2000 CD. Windows 98 Second Edition would most likely be your best bet, since Windows 2000 may be too over-specced for your system. (Most systems that shipped after 2001 came with Windows XP Home edition pre-installed).

Windows 98 Second Edition is almost the same as Windows ME, but it's not crap. Or at least, it's not as crap as Windows ME. You could probably get 98 SE from a friend, or download it from IRC or KaZaA, somewhere like that.

i think you should go with winXP Home instead of anything else. but you could go with win2K because it is more or less winXP minus a few newer features.

I was thinking of getting Win XP (most probably next week), but I still don't know how to uninstall what I have now.

When you install the Windows XP operating system, the setup program will ask you whether you wish to upgrade your current Windows installation. Or if you want to overwrite your entire existing hard drive with a clean install of WinXP (highly highly suggested). However, be sure to back-up any important documents and files to a floppy/cdrom/zip disk first!

i have windows ME (dont ask why) and windows 2000 please can some one help me uninstall win ME without affecting w2k

A little more info do you have it on a different harddrive or on a 2nd partition on the same harddrive

THAT IS NOT TRUE, windows xp does not give you that option, I tried installing windows xp over windows 2000 and I ended up having two operating systems on my computer leaving me with virtually ZERO hard drive space!!!!

no sorry i have no partition. when i installed w2k it gave me some kind of option. and i thought it would over write Windows ME but it didnt . the only option i have at the moment is to format and start again

You have to have 2 partitions or 2 hard drives to have 2 OS on same computer .

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