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I have a computer downstairs with vista and MS office outlook. The computer upstairs has XP and outlook express. Don't know if that makes a difference, but here is the problem.....

After I set up the outlook on the vista computer, I started to receive emails... but they are different. Some emails show up on one computer and other emails on the other computer.

So I obviously have the settings set up wrong but can't figure it out.
Shouldn't all the emails show up on both computers?

Also, my contact list and folders that I created on the orginal XP outlook express computer doesn't show up on the vista computer.
Hope someone can help me out on this. Thanks.

Outlook and outlook express on two different computers can be an absolute nightmare. Ipresume that you are usng some sort of 'syncronising' system. Usually hte best way is via a exchange server. if not then outlook and outlook express store their emails differently and there is no easy way of getting them to communicate other than using additional software.
If you rely on eaving the emails on your ISP on one machine the other can then copy them and remove them, for this to work you have to always use the machine that leaves them on the server FIRST.
Contacts list in outlook is a very different animal to the windows address book in outlook express and although one can export / import to the other the idea of syncronising without additional software is a non starter!

Try googling outlook sync on two computers...!!! I have used one of the suggestions and it does work .....once you get the hang of it.

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