I got a warning alert from my AVG anti virus software the other day. It listed some cookies that were in a directory that doesn't exist on my hard drive.

None of the AVG option took care of the warnings and every time I boot my computer I get the same warning.

Also, ever since the first warning my PS2 keyboard doesn't work. I checked the control panel and it says device is working properly. I tried another keyboard of the same type and also a wireless keyboard and none of them work. I tried AVG support and they could not connect to my machine.

I am stuck without a keyboard. Help !!!

This is my first post so if I put it the wrong place sorry.

Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
Just because you have a good antivirus detector does not mean you will not get viruses, go to this site here,
Read about deleting viruses and checking your PC including virus checkers you can load from a boot-up.
If you follow all the suggestions here, even if it has not fixed your PC, you will at least know that it is not a virus or malware that is causing the problem.

further to bobs good reply I would also suggst I have had a number of clients (mainlky with older machines ) with similiar problems of keyboards, ps2 and AVG. I solved them by junking AVG and using microsoft security essentials. Yes I know what we think about ms but this does work!

so how was it solve, could you at least say. or it worked by just dumping avg

I uninstalled AVG completely, did a registry clean using regclean and then rebooted and then installed mssoft security essentials (which covers most threats!)