I still can work on my laptop (HP Pavilion) because I had a window open and I can access all my docs this way, but the background screen is black, there is no 'Start' button, no desktop and the 'right click' does nothing.
Totally emptiness, but I still see the pointer on the black screen.

If this open window is closed, I won't be able to open anything or work on the computer.

Anyone there with a solution?

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Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
Have you tried right clicking your (black) desktop and changing your desktop settings?
What happens when you press Ctrl, Alt & Del?
What happens when you press the Windows key?
How long has this been happening?
Have you downloaded, installed or uninstalled anything?
Can you think of anything that you have done that could cause a problem?

Are you able to click Control+Alt+Del and then go to task-manager -> file -> run and type explorer.exe?

Hi Bob,
The ‘right click’ does not work on the black screen, but works on any other open window.
Ctrl, Alt & Del works fine (it is Vista).
Window key does not work at all.
It happened a few days ago when I started the computer normally and nothing was downloaded prior to that.

did you do what i said? did you try running explorer.exe via task manager?

IT WORKS!!!!!!

My desktop is back!!

Thank you jbennet, and to you all!!

Thats probably only a temporary fix though.

If you are still having problems, try making a new user account. See if that works. if it does, it means your user profile is probably corrupted. If it doesnt, it generally means a system error, in which case go to run and do sfc /scannow, which will check to see if windows has any corrupted system files.

Just scanned and you are right, there were corrupted files 'but it was unable to fix some of them'.

How can we fix it?


Boot into safemode (hit f8 repeatedly durig boot to get to a menu) , Put your windows CD in the drive, then run sfc /scannow again. Should work that time. If not, write down the exact error message and post it here. You may also want to run a chkdsk (right click C: -> properties -> error checking (its under the tools tab i think).

The cause of your file corruption could be a failing hdd or a virus, so scanning and backing up would also be a good idea (the latter especially in case the only solution left at the end of this thread turns out to be a reinstall).

Hi again,
Good to read that you have some good results, continue with jbennets instructions but when you have done everything he has suggested, go to the link in my signature and at least read about UBCD it is free and a very good program to have on a boot disk if you need it any time in the future. You can boot your machine and fix problems, scan for viruses and a host of other things.

Will check it out.


hello im having trouble with my laptop it turns on but the screen is black my caps lock light in on n my mouse touch pad light is red it turns on n off i have try the fn f8 thing n i also try holding power button for 30 seconds please help if you can thank u

HI, my hubby is having imilar problem which is why im psting instead of him, he cannot get on his laptop.
it is a HP G6000, windows vista,
a couple of weeks ago there were blue and white striped lines runnig horizontal then he rebooted to maybe clear the problem, which is did short term, left the laptop for a week or so then tried again, the screen is black, the power light comes on and goes off continually, same as the light to say the pad is working, but nothing, you can hear the fan running but nothing else, if you press the window button nothing happens but the power is on.


explorer.exe indeed.

umariyoob, who is that a reply to?

if it is me it cannot be explorer as you cannot get the laptop to operate!

we have now tried the battery and this is working fine, someone has suggested the motherboard is knackered.

not sure

Hi Jbennet My Laptop screen is all black... I went to some website they told me to take out the charger and betterys then press power button for 60secs.. I did it.. the computers work properly for few minutes and then everything is gone except the wallpaper.. nothing works I can only see my wallpaper

Anyone can helP??? please Thanks

I have a new Acer Aspire One 10.1 Netbook I recently received from a relative. The laptop worked fine for the first month but then just yesterday I went to turn on my laptop. I thought it was normal and I should wait awhile because the power button light came on and then I started hearing the Statup sounds from the computer but nothing came onto the screen. It was completely black, nothing appeared. So I looked around online from my home computer and found out that I should unplug the battery wait awhile and plug it back in.
It. Doesnt. Work.
I don't know if it means that I need a new battery or I pressed the wrong button or something. It was working perfectly fine before this all happened. So any help, any ideas are greatly appreciated. Please Help!!!

When I got my acer aspire from a relative which ran windows xp it got messed up and needed windows xp to be reinstalled so we took it to a guy. That guy I guess upgraded it to windows vista but told us not to update it. It updated by accident and the screen went black . The only way thFat I could do any work on the laptop was by pressing ctrl alt del. Which allowed me to open up task manager and allowed me to access my files from there . Any ideas on what went wrong?

hello...i want to ask why my desktop become black and when i shut down my laptop i have to upgrade my laptop and then when i turn on my laptop show something like warning say that my window have and error... pliss helpp me!!

hello...i want to ask why my desktop become black and when i shut down my laptop i have to upgrade my laptop and then when i turn on my laptop show something like warning say that my window have and error... pliss helpp me!

hello...my laptop is dell vostro1014 ,my problem is laptop starts and can access internet,bt can't see desktop icons and taskbar...desktop is black always..when i go through alt+ctrl+delete can't access explorer.exe.pls suggest a better solution

Heloo people, have you solved your problems? I have such a problem too.

alt+ctrl+delete - file and run and task can't access explorer.exe

anything hasn't changed :)

My Sony VAIO Windows 7 laptop got black screen! To fix it, i tried various solutions got online. The article recommended me Windows Boot Genius. it saved my life!

My laptop screen is black but laptop is running what to do

If you know how, check the ribbon cable that connects your screen to the motherboard, chances are its broken, or loose, thats where id start. if you dont know how chances are theres a video on youtube somewhere!

try this: type "Power Options" in search bar and hit enter, click "change plan settings", change both of the 2 top drop down menus to "never", that worked for me, I dont know why lol

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