hi when is turn on my laptop to goes the the back screen with start normally of safe mode or last time it started up successfully options i have tryed all of these several time put it goes to the windows starting thing and then sends me straight back to where i started was wondering if anyone know how i can fix this thanks

whenn any mssoft windows hard dsisk triesto start itlooks for the MBR the master boot record which tells it where to fiond windows!
If this file is corrupted then is cannot start and goes to the menu you get.
the solution is to replace the MBR and this can be done from a recovery or an original mssoft windows disk.
Your can if by booting into safe mode or usijng liniux/recovery. oringinal disk use fdisk /MBR where it will rebiuld the boot record.


Likely needs a repair install is all which will also let you identify bad hives (it doesn't see the original windows install to make the repair) and you can then decide if backing the lot up and going in fresh is what you need to do.