I have a PC runnng Windows XP SP2. I have installed a number of applications but overtime, the PC slowed down and now takes 30-45 minutes to boot. I have tried reparing Windows XP with no results.

When it boots, starting applications takes 10-15 minutes and the applications including Office 2003 are very slow and jerky.

I have decided to purchase a new disk and install XP. unfortunately, I do not have the CDs for some of my applications. Is there away I can move the applications (not windows XP) from the faulty computer to the new hard disk?

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to Backup all Your Software Then Use the Following Trick:

Click on Start > All Program > Accessories > System Tools
and Click on Backup.
Then Click on Next Button
Select Backup files and setting and Click on Next
Select Let me choose what to back up and Click on Next
Select Your C Drive Program Files Folder and Click on Next.
after Choose the File Save Location and Enter your Backup File Name.
Now Click on Finish.

That's all You Have Done it..

Now after Reinstalling Your Windows Please Restore Your Files from The above Store Located.

Thank you..................


There is no need to buy a new disc as it will be exactly the same as you have now, you will just be wasting money. You are probably loading many programs at boot that you have no use for.
One other problem could be memory. You don't need it but at least 1 Gb of memory is good to have, but XP will work several programs at once with 500Mb.
Go "Start" "Run" type "msconfig" without the " ", click the "start up" tab and see what programs are loading on start up. For now just click "Disable all" "OK" and "Restart." See how fast it loads, (Don't go online as you most probably don't have a virus detector running)if the speed is good go back to "msconfig" and only enable the programs that you know you want to run at start up (Google any programs you don't know) Reboot and check your speed again if you are happy, uninstall any of the programs you have disabled that you no longer need and open the other programs that you have disabled and disable them from starting with your machine or Windows.
Start in safe mode with networking, go to Trend and download house call, and check for viruses.
Download and run Ccleaner (Backup your registry first).
Then go to Malwarebytes,
download and do a full scan.
Download and run defraggler.
There are many things that you can do to speed up your loading and running but these ones I offered will do more for your machine than all the others together.
You should now have a good, clean, fast machine, if so make a system restore point and do a full backup.

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Like Bob above me said...scan for virus in safe mode (Press F8 at boot) and disable all startup applications. And Yes, a degfragger will be nice too. Also get CCleaner and clean your registry with it. It's safe.


There's a program called Laplink PC mover, If you install it on a booting system you can transfer all the applications and settings to the new system.

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