I have three computers that work off of the same modem/router. And two of them work fine, and all of a sudden the third one says the network cable is unplugged. I tried a different network cable and I get the same reaction. I looked in device manager and uninstalled my network driver, reinstalled it....same problem.

any ideas?

You have lots of posts, and I do not want to offend you, but sometimes hitting the basics are a good idea to start with.....so....have you checked your cables to make sure they are ok? Have you tried to switch which ports they are plugged into to see if any other computer disconnects in that port? Try some control testing and let me know what happens!

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I have tried all these... I keep coming to the same conclusion that it is not my router/modem, or my network cables.

what shows up when you do an ipconfig?

Yea i tried that too and I got something weird....
Media Not Connected?!?!?!

Well, I fixed the problem by putting in a DSL network adapter and it worked....

Don't how or why...just that it works

hmmmm, well if it works it works, right!