hi guys i got an external 1TB hardrive used to work fine but recently whenever i plug it in to my laptop or desktop it wont pick up although the power light appears to be on....it takes its own power supply dont know if that helps...

any ideas???

Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
You have not given much information about your machine, external drive, OS, etc,
If you can, remove the hard drive from the external case, hook it up to your desk top as a second primary drive, and see if is detected in BIOS (on boot up) and then in Windows after boot up. If so it is a problem with your case. If you need more help, please post back and supply more information.

Why the facetious question?
What are you laughing about?
How does this contribute to the solution?

I totally agree, it would be of great use, will you send one to the OP or just the $25.00 to buy it?
PS. Ill have one as well please. lol