I really need help with this I have been trying to do a factory reset on my Dell computer that runs Vista home basic on it and I know it can be done cause I have done it before but now when I restart my computer and hit f8 to go to the page where it says repair windows if I hit enter to repair windows it just starts windows normallt theres no option for repairing it nothing just starts right up like I never hit the key to repair it. Can anyone please maybe tell me whats going on with this thing?????also when I try to do a reinstall from the cd it tells me that i'm missing things and the install can not be completed :o( I'm at a complete and total loss with this thing and I can't afford to go but a regestry fix program. Can anyone help??????

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hi,maybe if you share with us a little more info ,like this part .

tells me that i'm missing things
what things


I actially just found out that My motherboard is shorting out and thats whats causing the crazy errors so I'm just going to get a laptop and start rebuilding this computer :o)
Thanks for the feedback though

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