"Hasn't this guy herad of google?"The first thing that must've come into your mind when you read the title. But guess what, I did google. And this is a different sort of boot disk failure. It's not the Click of Death. So, then, what's it? I'll come to the point.

When I insert this CD, yes, one particular CD, into my computer, the computer hangs. When I restart the computer, it shows the error-> "Disk Boot Failure". When I remove this CD, the computer works fine. So, what's this connection between the CD and the hard disk. Personally, I've never heard of a case before where one particular CD was the hard disk's arch villian.

The thing is that the CD was working perfectly fine till yesterday. So, until and unless, the hard disk robbed the CD's house in the morning, I can't think of any reason to the wierd problem.

Kindly help me out guys.

When the computer boots up it rties various sources for a booting command. Usually the hard disk has one and so it starts from there (depending on bios settings);
If by acciebnt ,or design you have left a cd or dvd in the dirive it may try to boot up or start from there.(depending on bios settings).
If by chance the disk in the drive has a 'boot' system it will try to start the machine using the system on the disk.This may ormay not work in your system.!!
remove the dsikand start from your hard disk, unles you actually want to start from a disk like a linux one.