My income tax people sent a certificate that is now in IE8 in WIN7 32/64 on 64 bit machine and shows up there as valid.
The tax people cannot yet 'identify' my certificate when I go on line as their ,server cant yet cope with win 7 / 64!
They suggest export th certificate usiung PKCSII 12 and then import into Mozilla and try that!
However IE8 export has .CER type certs and PKCS7 types but the PKCSII12 type is greyed out and unusable.
I realise that being at the front end with security and MSsoft but this is a nightmare. Is it possible to export in PKCSII 12 or do I need an addin?
Is it likely to work in mozilla? I did not put a personal encryption key into the file when I tried export using the Base 64 . CER type of file but it said in mozilla that it was either corrupt or the password was wrong!

Any suggestions? (I could go back to snail mail and fill in a paper return but until a solution is found I will keep the old pentium 2 with XP that can work this system!! so all is not lost!)

Any help and thanks in advance for any responses!

If their server's issue is with Windows 7 64-bit I don't see how changing web browsers would help. If your hardware supports virtualization you could try XP Mode.

ta, I propose to keep the old computet tll they update.!!
So much for Ms being the leaders, allthey do is drag the rest with them!