Hey all,

Last saterday I got my new mainboard, cpu and RAM. I connected everything but I still keep getting bluescreens.

My HDD's and VGA is from my old pc but allways worked perfectly. At Device manager I could not find any failure.

I did Windows 7 RAM test and that was also fine.

The last error I got was when I played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

"0x00000001 driver irql not less or equal" is the code.

My pc specs are:

AMD Athlon II X4 620
M2A74-AM SE mainboard
4GB ram (2x2)
Nvidia Geforce 880GS
IDE HDD (160gb)
S-ATA HDD (225gb)

Hopefully someone can help me.

PS I installed all my drivers with the help of Windows Update and Driver Genius Pro.

I found out that i had allot of failures but still doesn't know how to fix it. If I look to Critical: Passed 7 days 9 times, Source: Kernel, Logbook: System.

If I look to failures: Passed 7 days 186 times (not really bad things)