Hey guys sorry am not exactly sure how to explain my problem so will try my best to explain best I can. First off my keyboard started to open up my web browser useing the control key and a few other keys although never noted them as it was mainly control which would open it even off of 1 tap of the key it would open straight away. Although that was irritateing it was controllable I just avoided control but then after about a day pretty much the whole keyboard was not working properly the keys were not working properly and for some reason the esc key was opening my start menu. Not sure what else to say as I can't really test it out as I can't log in due to the keyboard not working properly really sorry for being vague but am completely lost in what to do in order to fix it as I have had this problem in the past but I formatted my hard-drive and reinstalled windows but that only sent it back to the first problems I had with control and a few other keys opening the web browser.

Thank you for any knowledge / help you can give me and if you need anymore information please let me know and I will do my best to get it to you as soon as possible.

Hello Rigger, i agree you are vague on this subject matter. More info please.
Keyboard in question, is it USB, Wireless or PS/2?

did you ever try another keyboard ,reloading windows is a drastic step to take to try and solve a keyboard problem .

hey yer sorry it is a ps/2 keyboard and apologies for being vague but later today I will be testing it with a different keyboard in hope of it working and will update u guys soons i can thank you again