My sisters computer has serious issues. First of all, she has this crap AntiVirus Plus that keeps on popping up and I cannot find out how to remove it. Second, everytime I try booting up into Safe Mode I get the blue screen and a brief mention about BIOS/caching/shadowing and how I should disable that? Ummm....

The worst part, I think, is that Dell never shipped a XP disc with the computer. I heard that with hers, Dell Demension 3500 (I think?) from 2005 does not need an XP to format or create new partition?

Another person told me to create a new partition & remove that old one but I don't know how. I'd like to format the hard drive but can't figure it out & without the XP disc I'm afraid i'm S.O.L.

If I could just get into safe mode without the blue screen I think I might be able to fix it... Any suggestions? Sorry if I'm missing vital information.

Please email me since I cannot get online as often however, I can check my email via cell phone. johntroy78 at yah oo. com

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If you don't have xp cd,have you tried sytemrestore that is change the system to previous date go to start->allprograms->accesories->system tools->system restrore->select a date where system worked perfect and do a restore.
If still problem persists create a new user from control panel and delete the old user this might helps.

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