on my xp / ofc 2007 system, i have copied several documents in to a single doc. on the far right hand side / past the right hand margin, there appears a great deal of white space... to what appears to be a page width of ~10". i have checked / re-checked the page size, orientation, etc, and can't find the hiccup. seems likely to be operator error, but in a 400 page doc (w/images) i'd appreciate any tips you have to offer on finding the error / hiccup.

thx in advance.

Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
Can you try printing just one page and see if it is just on the display or actually there in the printed page.
Whenever I have a similar formating problem with word, I have found it impossible to repair without starting again. If you open a new document and copy and paste it is normally the same problem as when you started. But as I said, it has only been on the display, not on the printed page.

hi bob,

thx for the quick feedback. prior to reading your post, i contacted a friend who is an expert w/word formatting issues. we used gotomeeting to allow him to view / access my desktop and he immediately saw that i was not displaying the doc in the "final" review mode. we changed the setting and, voila, problem solved.

thx again for your feedback, very much appreciated.