I have a computer that when I hit which ever profile I want to log onto XP with it says the usual, Loading personal settings... then the screen goes blue for a second then I'm kicked back out and it says Saving personal setting and it goes back to the login screen where I can choose the user I want to login with. This happens for every user. It also happens in safe mode.

I've dowloaded Ultimate Boot CD to a bootable cd and quite frankly I don't even know where to begin with it. Then I decided to download knoppix (version 6) cause I read about it a little and thought that it would be a GUI interface where I could just drag and drop to save the files that I really needed to save off the comp to a jump drive but I dont see my files or drives anywhere when I boot up into Linux.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I would like to get all my files safe first then work on that log in problem but if push comes to shove and all I can do is save my files then blow the drive out and put xp back on there that's fine with me!

Help! Please!

have you booted as the administrator yet ? if that to does not work you will have to run a repair from the cd from the bootup, insert your original cd in your cd drive, boot from it, untill it asks you to press r to repair but not the repair console

Yes it does that as the Administrator as well. I put in the disc and hit r then it ask me for the Admin password but I dont have that either.