Hello. I am experiencing a problem with my desktop, where it will not start up fully. This occurred directly after I updated to Adobe 8. "something". I was prompted to restart the computer, so I did. During shutdown, an error box appeared for a brief second, but before I could read it, it dissappeared and the computer finished shuting down. Upon restarting, it would not go past the very first screen, where it tells me how much ram has been found, "Push <F2> to go to setup" on the bottom, etc. My computer will not boot up past this screen. It just sits there. The lights on the keyboard never flash. I am running XP, and I meet all of the system requirements for it. Thanks for bearing with me. If I can provide more information, please let me know.

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I doubt that your problem has much to do with the Adobe installation other than that there was a restart involved. After the RAM check the POST checks all remaining system hardware - if won't run past the RAM check then there is either a hardware malfunction or a BIOS software error.
You could check the former by turning power off and replugging all hardware, removing unnecessary devices to see if you can achieve a basic boot. Suspect a hdd....
Check the latter by using F2 to set BIOS defaults [you will lose your customised BIOS settings unless you have saved them to some medium, assuming you had that option...]. If F2 does not work try swapping the mb battery power jumper or pulling the CMOS battery itself for a minute or so.

And also try to make sure that you don't have so many things running on startup.

i am having a similiar problem with adobe i just got a sony vaio its used so i had to reinstall to clear everything out but it is doing the same exact thing everytime i try and start it normally "out of safe mode " its killing me i have alot of things online need to be taken care of even my business and this computer is slowing me down to a screeching hault plzz help i need to get this thing up and running it was fine last nite till i tried to play a dvd i installed windows vista home premium and it worked marvelously then this morning it is back to the same thing as soon as i boot up it goes to the windows loading bar and then just up and stops soo i dont know wat to doo thanks

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