I have a fairly new laptop (1 month old) HP Pavillion ZD7000-P4-3.06 w/Hyper-Threading. 768 MB PC2700-128 Nvidia GForce 5600go graphics card. Up until about a week ago when starting my computer it was fairly quick. Now all of a sudden it takes 2min.30sec.-2min.45 sec. to completely bootup. I don't even hear the startup/welcome .wav until 2-1/2 min.Right before it's finished booting. Once the computer is fully booted it seems to run just fine. I don't have many background programs running and I have run defrag. I also have run Norton's Virus check. Nothing seems to be helping. Anybody have any ideas as to why such a slow startup?...and any possible remedies.


Are you using a firewall? Networking (networked printers, shares)? Have you checked your services to see if any not needed have been started? Have you run start-->Run-->msconfig to see if there are any things you can avoid on the startup tab?

maybe nortons is checking bootfiles,
Did you check the event viewer ,in control panel/admin tools ,

If all else fails, I reccomend running a System Restore. Use this website as a guide to using System Restore.

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