I seem to be having issues with windows 2000. I was running fine until it asked me to do a windows update. So I did. Then it ask me to reboot. So I did. Then...
It rebooted and went through the "Bio" part and it started with windows. I could see the bar "like percent bar on bottom" and it was making progress. Then it started over... the screen went blank and it started booting again and so forth and so forth.

Any ideas?


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Maybe,try booting into safe mone ,hitting f8 on bootup ,go into add/remove programs and remove the latest updates .

Hello, and thanks for your help.
Unfortunately, that did not work. It seems to get hung up before it can continue with windows (which ever windows you try to launch, using F8)

All it does is... screen goes blank and it reboots.

Hello thefeiners,

I am having a similar problem after downloading an upgrade. Did you find a solution?

hey Kats,
I did not find a solution. I had to wipe out the HD because I couldn't even get to Windows in safe mode. I hope you don't have to do the same. :(
Good Luck

Try a dirty reinstall of Win2k. it worked for me

I tried a "dirty re-install" by booting up with a win 98 boot-disk and attempting to run win2k setup from CD. The hard disk was not even being seen by the win98 startup disk. Boy, this is tough. Any ideas??

with the win98 startup disk if you do a DIR c:\ does it show anything on the drive !!

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