i wonder if anyone can help me. I have been using hotmail msn messenger for several years and it is on automatic sign in when i start my computer. For the last couple of days i have a message coming up that my username and password is not recognised. I have tried retyping etc., gone through all the trouble shooters, and made sure caps are not on etc., and also checked that the server is not down. Can anyone help me please?

can you login to hotmail?

:cheesy: sounds like your password has been changed. using msnger services can be dangerous as it's an easy way to get into someone's pc.. i assume you have an email acct associated with this msnger?? it should have the same user name and password..see if you can get into tht mail acct.. if you can then it should work on msnger, if you can't get in follow the procedures on hotmail to change your password. the new password associated with hotmail will be the msnger password..

now if you are having further problems.. no clue what i'm talking about...don't have hotmail..that makes no sense to me lol cuz you would normally have a mail acct associated with it... in this case totally delete this msn messenger and then reopen a new acct same name same password and see what happens..but do that as a last resort...

ms mesenger is different than the msnger service