My computer yesterday has just went through an horryfying freeze age. Its the worse freeze i have experienced in my life, i do not want to spent my parents money so if u have solution please help me <:)

My computer freezes random but 100% freezes all time since yesterday. It starts when i was playing a psx emulator with increases FPS (means speed up several times )then my epsxe and the freeze non stop goes on;

From : BIOS Setup, Boot up , Start up even in Safe mode it freeze, sometimes it loading at 'Boot CD' screen also freeze and normall lucky wil be able login but that only last 2-3 minutes.

Can't do a thing! I t freezes around 5 minutes and that unables me do a thing, i had google and search solution .In result , i suspect maybe my mother board and RAM is in getting bad?

Most frustrating is Safe mode can freeze but last longer then rest at least nearly 5 minutes

I havent try reformat yet but i think itll freeze too if i try reformat

Computer Specs:
Pentium 4 2.6 ghz
60 gb HDD DDR2
ATI RADEON 8200 64mb

sorry i maybe wrong i dont remember all( onn my computer specs) and now im using my laptop not my pc since its havin a freezing spree

Umm... does using a psx emulator to increase fps involve overclocking? That is, did your emulator overclock your cpu? It may have taken it above its stable range. Check your BIOS entries. And downclock until the thing is happy. But really, an 8200 with its 64MB of memory is not going to offer any sort of gaming experience that you would be happy with. Look, notebooks are for simple file work, not for high-end graphics. Mid and high end graphics cards suited to gaming [they must do a LOT of image processing] generate a lot of heat, and a notebook cannot cope with that. Some things just are not meant to be.