I am trying to get my multiple email addresses on our google apps server to become centralized in on Outlook Express mailbox. I have gone through all of the proper steps to set up my accounts under the POP3 server and under the test settings section everything works fine and shows up as completed except for the send test email part. Here is the error message that I get after running the test.

"Send Test Email message: The specified server was found but there was no response from the server. Please verify the port and SSL information is correct. To access these settings..."

I have followed all of the setup instructions that I could find for outlook express and google apps so I don't know why it still won't complete the test email.

It is currently downloading all of the emails from the various accounts to the outlook folders now.

Have you given the firewall permission to allow the SMTP server access?

OUtlook express can be a pain with more than one account. It might be worth trying a better email clients. (Outlook, or thunderbord, eudora etc) as they cope with multiple accounts.

The other possibility is that you may need to tell the outlook SMTP account to use 'authentification' as many marge email ISPs gmail etc require to know that the email really is coming from you (and not spam to be refused) and thus the 'server requires authentification ' box must be ticked.