First of all I wanted to ask, to make the most of the Quad-Core technology should I be running 64-bit Vista or 64-bit XP??? (mostly used for gaming, hardcore).

Second, I am currently installing 32-bit XP as I do not have the 64-bit at the moment, and after XP installs, it restarts as part of the install process. After this occurs it shows the 39minute til fully installed, etc, etc, then it crashes to blue screen reading "Beginning Memory Dump" (A.K.A. The blue screen of death). So is there a way to fix this???? I have tested my hard drives, 100% working, my memory is new, so I would assume it to be working (although my previous memory was DOA), so what is most likely causing this???

My setup for reference:

Q6600 - Quad-Core Intel Processor G0 Stepping - Water Cooled
XFX nForce 680i LT MOBO
4 X 160GB 7200rpm SATA HDs (all working, tested)
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum
Geforce 6800 Ultra OC PCI-E G-card
4 gigs PC-6400 DDR2 memory - Dual Channel (all same model #)
Standard DVD Player
Standard Floppy

Please help me, I am in a real bind at the moment and am off for Holiday Break from college and am BORED AS HELL!!!!

Thank you,


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I recommend setting up a dual boot with 32 XP and 64 vista, the XP for things that don't work with vista, vista for everything else (the future!)

It may be that you have a bad XP CD. Try returning it (if that is an option) or borrowing someone else's CD and using your key (which works just fine when validating). Post back with results- I can't think of anything else to do right now, other than check if everything is installed right- especially that the processor is inserted correctly, with thermal paste, and with a heat sink firmly attached atop it.

Good luck, sorry for the slow reply!

--The Comodore


Hi There,

I did a fresh install on my comp a few days ago.
(Similar Specs to yours, although I have a ASUS P5N-e mobo.)

I tried installing XP and it kept getting hung-up right after the first restart when it tries to load for the first time.

So I tried installing Vista and it hung-up right after the first restart where it says "completing installation."

I learned this - some mobo's have a problem loading onto SATA drive - mine did.
Even if the drives work ok, and install goes ok, it just won't load up.

Drivers, Drivers, Drivers.... 16 hrs of reinstalls, new HD's, memory testing, processor swaps, video card exchanges.... and it was the darned drivers for the SATA HD.

During the Vista install, it gives you an option to install drivers when you are selecting the HD partition to load the OS. I downloaded this file:

(Hope I'm not breaking any privacy agreements posting this link - If I am - please remove)

(Also, Asus is Great. Go to their support page. Locate your mobo in the list of devices. It will bring up a map of downloadable support drivers... Click on the heading- SATA. Then download the JMicron driver you need for your OS)

I loaded the driver onto a flash disk, installed the 32x drivers (I only had a 32 bit version of Vista). And wang-bang up & running.

I believe there is an option to load drivers for XP too (not positive.)

If all your components are working good, then I suggest trying to load these drivers for the SATA HD.

Hope this helps!


Oh - forgot a few tips for clean installs.

Use only ONE stick of RAM for the install until you can verify they all work 100%.
Use only ONE HD, plug the rest in latter after the install.
Don't have anything else plugged in, no Sound Cards, no printer cables, no Wi-Fi cards.. nothing.

You want one stick of RAM, one video card (use the integrated if you got it), one HD... PERIOD.

Sometimes there is conflicts with the ports and whatnot... this should remove all possible errors other than bad drivers or the major hardware issues.

(Oh, and go for the x64 of windows XP if your mobo can handle it... Lets you use more RAM)

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