Hi I am using Vista Home Premium 32bit, last night I had to reformat my hard drive, I got a bad virus, that would not let me download any programs to erase it.

I have two drives, 1 is a dvd rw, the other is a cdrom, the dvd says that ANYthing that I put into the drive, has to be a format that windows recognizes (dvd, game, drivers... you name it), the cdrom says nothing when I put a disk in.

what can I do to fix this?


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I don't think the virus/format and your cd/dvd drive issues are related. Try a new dvd-rw drive.


why would the two that worked pefectly fine before the format just crap out after the format??


if you formatted the hard drive then you should have the drivers for the other dvd cd drives. can you check that in the properrties / device manager. This does sound like you have not got the right drivers for those drives.


Some viruses are not removed by formatting a hard disk and thus the only way to get rid of them is to download the tool on another machine and then use a memory stick or CD with the ,removal tool on it.

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