I was able to get to my task manager and deleted av.exe several times and it finally went away. My friend helped me delete some stuff in the registry but i don't know if it is gone or not. I had Kaspersky Lab AntiVirus 2009 installed and i updated again and did a full system scan. It says i have a bunch of trojans on my computer, all starting with HEUR:Trojan, but it wont let me disinfect or remove them. I also ran Windows LiveOnecare, Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. I realize i need to take it to the shop and get it swiped. Here's my main issue: I am able to operate programs on my computer but to run them i have to click "Run as Administrator" for nearly anything to work. I can't open Task Manager or run regedit, or get to Security Center (which i think may be the problem because next to run as administrator is the symbol for the SC and if i click that i can open stuff)... (im guessing because i cant press run as administrator these wont work)

its a lot i know... thanks for the help

Ouch that one is a B**ch.
There are a number of forums and av sites that will help you but it will take some time and involve some fairly in depth manual removal of registry entries etc. a trial varsion of spyware doctor is quite handy for this one as it usually gives all the entries you need to get but unless you want to pay for it you will then have to hunt them down manually.
if you run hijack this and PM me the result I will try and advise but, to be blunt the quickest and easiest fix is back up you data and reinstall, it's an option I hate to suggest but in this case it'll be faster, more certain unless you are an serious expert in manual virus removal

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