Hi Im Dave,

ill Just start to tell you when it started, i switched over my internet supplier, everything was working fine before that, then after certain pages would not load, it finds the page an at the botton just pays it is waiting for reply for the website, it contines to do taht forever not coming up with cant not find website or anything like that
I have phoned up Gp Telecom(my new supplier) an they say that everythng is fine on there behalf and that its nothing to do with them. i thought about ti being my firewall so i shut that down an tryed it again, but without success same problem. Iv lowed all my Internet setting to the minimum to see if that was blocking them, it didnt seem to work. when access certain website i can use www.Dtunnel.com to go onto them but when i want to log into secure sites it will not let me beacasue im bypassing there main site.

i am not able to get onto these sites + more; www.hotmail.com , www.bebo.com , www.msn.com , any msn higher than number 7.0 is blocked, www.lloydstsb.com , www.mcafee.com , www.myspace.com ..... does any1 know waht is wrong with it, it seem to be blocking them some how but i have no idea where from. i have 3 computers an well 3 have the way problem.

Would Love Some help Thanks

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sounds like a dns issue?

An how can i check if it is to do with that? an is there any other possibilities it could be? an have you got a way i can resolve this problem?

Some ISPs block known sources of malware (spam, viruses, and spyware).

It's also possible that those sites are blocking your ISP because it has been a past source of malware.

The real problem is that some other source of malware has phaked the return address of your ISP, or of any of the other ISPs. The blocking software can't seem to tell that the address on the received malware is phake.

Another possibility is that the ISP is sleazy, and blocks any service which the ISP also sells.

Another possibility is that changing ISP settings on your browser reset your security settings, possibly to the strictest settings.

The last possibility is that something was down at the ISP.

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