I'm running windows xp with sp2. I just did a fresh install of windows xp and did all windows updates. the motherboard is MSI ms-7309 or k9n6pgm2-v2. I also did all updated drivers for the motherboard too. The problem I'm having is when I get to the desktop and I open up my computer then I might open device manager too, when I try to click on my computer to exit it I can't. I can't click on anything. From the key board I can hit the windows start key and bring up the start menu. Once I have the start menu up I can use the arrow keys to logout then hit switch users to only log back in to where I left off. At that point I am able to click on anything on the desktop again. I should say the reason I did a fresh install is because i thought windows might of been corrupted. But I got the same results after reinstalling all. Has this happened to any of you.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

May I suggest that you create a new profile for yourself... ie. a new user [admin, of course][you will have to devise a new name for yourself]; log on to it and check that it works as it should, then delete the old profile.
It's a pity it happened that you did all the updates before you discovered this.... on an un-updated sys I would have simply reinstalled XP cos it only takes a half hour with a fast drive.