I just reinstalled windows XP, and then installed ubuntu next to it. XP can't find my modem at all (version DSL). I created a new connection with my user name and pass. When it trys to connect to the WAN (PPPOE) it just gives me a connection error.

When I boot into Ubuntu however my internet works just fine with out any extra hassle.

Can anyone help please?

If you already have a DSL modem, you shouldn't need to use PPPOE to connect to the internet. Can you connect using LAN?

As gizgiz said, connect using LAN. Generally Ubuntu works out of the box on most network cards (from what I've experienced) but XP does not always (depending on how old the installation disc is). You may need to install the drivers for your network card. If you can't find them then post the brand and model of your computer and we will help you find the right drivers. Obviously you'll need to download them on a different computer and transfer them with a flash drive or external hard drive.

I am running a Dell Dimension E510, with an Intel Pentium 4 cpu, and integrated network card.

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