Specs: HP dx2300 -- XP Pro SP3 -- Logitech Trackman Wheel USB mouse (wired)

Problem: Applications constantly scroll up and down (intermittently will stop for a period of time then start scrolling erratically again). This happens in all applications; FireFox, Notepad, Task Manager, etc.

I have not changed anything in my hardware setup recently.

Troubleshooting steps I have tried (to no avail):

# Unplugged Trackman Wheel mouse and plugged it back in
# Tried different USB ports
# Rebooted computer
# Took apart Trackman Wheel mouse and blew it out with compressed air (was not very dirty inside)
# Unplugged Trackman Wheel mouse and plugged in brand new HP Optical USB mouse (wired)
# Installed latest drivers -- Logitech SetPoint (the problem was happening without SetPoint installed so I don't think it has anything to do with that)
# Ran scans for viruses -- ran Malwarebytes full scan (updated first) -- ran McAfee Total Protection full scan (commercial version) -- neither found any infected/threatening objects

I think I may have figured it out. One thing I didn't think of before is that it could be my keyboard. It is possible that one of the keys is sticking or becoming electrically activated. I have switch keyboards. I'm going to try it for the day and see if the auto-scrolling continues.

I have not experienced the issue since I switched keyboards. Gotta love the good ol' IBM KB-9910!

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