I'm running Windows XP SP2 on a Sony VAIO 530J that came a pre-installed internal ITU V.90 56k modem.. I looked at it, it plugs into a PCI slot and it's all in there correctly as far as I know, and it had some numbers on it: 4491A-D1156A1A and Model: D-11561#/A1A. I have no clue what company made this modem as it did not have the company name on the top half, at least.. OK, here's the problem: Windows does not see my modem, it's as simple as that. I look under Device Manager and there are no modems (though there are 2 or 3 "network ports" or "cables" or something like that..). No modems whatsoever. I needed to sign on to AOL (Yes AOL does suck please don't flame me) so I plugged the phone cable into the phone jack in the back of my PC and then into my phone jack, and it could not detect the modem. This is the first time I've ever tried signing onto the net or otherwise using my modem. Never before have I used it successfully. Help would be greatly appreciated!


turn off the PC, take the modem out of the slot. Boot into windows. Turn off put the modem in a different slot. Turn on the PC.
If nothing happens again, ring Sony and ask for support.


It worked!

Windows not detects the modem, and it is useable!

Thanks for the help..


No Probs Jim :mrgreen:

i have a problem with my modem adsl +2. the Pc shows that dont regonize the modem. The driver is installed. the modem has connection with pc because when i turn off the modem the pc shows a table that the cable is unpluged. when i turn on the modem the icon turn on but when i try to connect with internet the table shows that the pc dont regonize the modem. how can i resolve this problem.