For some reason when I try to create a new desktop icon, it appears on my acutal desktop not as an icon, but as an exe. file. None of the new icons work at all, and I can't delete any of them b/c it says that they are right protected! Please help!:!: :!: :!:

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... it appears on my acutal desktop not as an icon, but as an exe. file.

* What indicates an exe- the graphical icons, the shortcut filenames, or both? Give us a specific example.

* When you right-click on one of the icons and view its properties, is the target location that the shortcut points to correct?

* How exactly are you creating these shortcuts (drag-n-drop, "send to desktop as shortcut", etc.)?

* Does this happen when you try to create shortcuts to any type of file, or only certain filetypes? Again give us some examples.

* Does this only occur when you try to create shortcuts on the desktop, or does it happen with shortcuts created in other folders as well?

* Which version of windows are you using?


i'm using xp, and when chosing properties their no target location there it simply says that it is not a valid shortcut, i've tried dragging, and also copying from my program files!


That's your problem. You're simply copying the program files into your 'Desktop' folder, rather than creating a shortcut.

To do it correctly, right-click on the program and choose 'Send to..." then 'Desktop'. That will create a valid shortcut for you.

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