HELP i installed 2 updates and my pc went CRAZY:icon_exclaim:WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG HELP MEEE!!i got a TOSHIBA
satellite built in mic windows vista home premium!

Umm... Details please? I have no idea what the problem appears to be.

ok heres what happend i went to the store for a new computer when i turned on the computer it said please wait then i typed it the password then i pressed enter then the screen turned pure white and the speakers made the most freakyest sound it sounded like someone wired the speakers with the display driver i opened up the computer and the was rust all over place!i went and cleaned it out and it got worse then i went and brung my pc back to the store and they said it was trashed so there trying to fix it

bought a rusty computer ,wow sounds like a reliable store ,get your money back .
was computer really new or just new to you

It looked new but i guess it is not thats the most worse store ever ill never buy stuff from there.They gave me a fresh pc.They gave me a Dell it works great and it is very fast is there a reason for it being fast.

and i got my money back all of it

and they fixed the pc but im not ever going to get that thing

. and it is very fast is there a reason for it being fast.

they build them out of old race car parts .lol

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