My computer, windows xp is acting up.

When I turn it on the screen flickers and even gives me the "no signal" sign for a second or two on and off. It takes a long time to load the initial screen when it shows the options for BIOS and set up. It does load windows safe mode and I am able to move around the screen once logged in and the screen does not lose signal at all. But when I choose start windows normally the computer goes blank (black) and nothing happens.
*Last good known configuration did nothing.
*System restore did not do anything either, even went way further before the problems began.
*By the way I didn't do anything my self that should have caused this and no one is talking so... gotta figure it out my self.

Already reset BIOS and made sure everything is connected right (RAM etc.)

I also noticed from safe mode that my anti virus (avast) is off and won't scan or anything. Tried to click on it to turn it on but nothing happens.

Could it be a virus and not hardware problem? Any suggestions please, thank you!

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When I have seen this in the past it is because I picked a resolution or frequency that my monitor could not display. Try hitting <F8> as you boot and instead of safe mode pick VGA Mode. Once up and running you can reset the video to a resolution that has worked in the past.

It sounds like a hardware problem really, I have to question if it's taking longer than normal to get the boot screen. It's not uncommon for the initial boot to take a few seconds to load. If it is taking longer then troubleshoot it as a hardware problem.

How is the monitor connected? VGA, DVI, etc? Are you using an adapter of any kind? Could you try a different monitor on the computer and see how that works? Video card or on board video?

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