Hello All,

I have both VS 6.0 and VS .Net 2003 available to me. I am just starting to learn programming
and wanted to know the difference and which one would be the best to start with. My company has a site liscence for both and I could install both on my PC but I didn't know if it would make a difference.

Your input would be apprecitiated.

Thanks, :eek:

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Merits of .NET 2003 in comparison with VS 6.0:
1.Creating an interface is more comfortable.
2.Code Insight is made better.
3.In general, it's easier to use for a beginner.
1.Programs which were written in .NET would work only on computers with .Net Framework and they work slower than usual.
I would recommend you to use .NET, because the future is after them.


Ditch the old crap that VS6.
Why start out learning something that's going on 10 years old? You'll be teaching yourself outdated skills, almost worse than useless.

The ONLY reason to use old versions of software for study is when you have a business requirement to use that specific version and only that version (for example if you're having to maintain Windows 95 machines you will have to learn Windows 95 maintenance and not XP).

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