I don't know if this is the right forum or not as i am not running Windows NT.
I see that KB891711 is back at the Windows Update site. Want to know if it is safe to download yet?

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The download is an updated version.

Thanks. Any details as to what the problem(s) were?

The original release of the patch stuffed up on some systems and crashed them. I think it might've been one of those "You have one chance in 385,679,312,984 of this occurring to you, and we don't want that person complaining, so we'll withdraw it and fix the bloody thing! Wish some people weren't such crybabies!" things ;)

"Wish some people weren't such crybabies!" things ;)

Would you mind elaborating on that last comment?

I'm merely suggesting, kosmoe, in a jocular fashion of course, that we sometimes have products and updates unavailable to us simply because they have issues with a very very small proportion of the almost limitless combinations of equipment that PCs can be. When such 'issues' arise, the noise we hear about them is somewhat disproportionate to the extent of the problem.

So what your saying is people who had their computers crash after downloading a Critical Update from Microsoft are crybabies. jokingly,of course.

Oh hell no. In 90% or more of cases, people who had their system crash after downloading a Critical Update from Microsoft had something seriously wrong on their systems beforehand, and it was usually a software problem which had resulted from an unprotected and infected system!

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