hello,,sir, I can't simply activate my windows 7 after installation,, the windows update doesn't work and internet explorer doesn't work too..can somebody help me please..thanks and more power!

All of these things have to do with your internet connection. Can you tell us more about the system? How will you connect to the internet? What type of ISP do you use? Have you installed the drivers for your ethernet, wireless network adapter, and dialup modem?

Hello mate try reformatting your drive and then install again, if it still does not work it's and illegal copie of windows 7.

If you are connecting via an Ethernet connection an it is not available during setup, the activation process will fail. This is most common on home-builds, because there may not be a driver for the LAN adapter.

Hold the windows key and press R
open the following: devmgmt.msc

Devices with !, ?, or X are problematic.

No discussion on illegal software is allowed.
Thread closed.

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