i have a database with names and id number. i also create an input sheet for sales. then i creat an invoice. here is what i need help with. when i put in any data on the input sheet i want it to be populated on the invoice. so on the input sheet i have animal name, animal id, animal price and amount of animal pruchase.

let say i want to sell animal ID #8 when i put the ID in, i want that aminal name and ID to show up on the invoice

so far i have used Vlookup but not able to get the information to change on the invoice when the input is changed on the input sheet.

can anyone help with this

Much appreciated

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The only thing I could think of is that you've forgotten to use the VALUE() function. An inpu-box generates text, you have to convert the text to a value before you can look is up with vlookup.

If that wasn 't the problem, post an example worksheet.

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