I'm getting a series of artifacts in my text, especially within Explorer and IE. It happens in other apps too, but strangly, the problem doesnt' seem to affect Mozilla. It's too hard to explain what I'm talking about, so here's a screenshot.

The upper left paragraph shows it really well. And that's how it looks fullscreen. It's not a result of the resize.

Is it Windows? Motherboard, video card?

Great... I guess not.

for me i cant make out what the problem is ,what are artifacts !!! link that web site !

Edit ,just checked site and nothing strange going on for me.
have you checked copmuter for virus or spyware

If you were to try and highlight that text, does it look the same? Does it happen in multiple fonts?

I had that issue once, a long long time ago. In my case, it was a memory issue. I either didn't have enough, or had a bad stick, can't remember for sure.

I know, I get artifacts (usually in file lists and such things) in certain WindowBlinds themes. Have you been playing around with themes lately?