Hi everyone,
I have a custom built system with a 2.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4 800 FSB, 512 mb DDR 400 Ram, an Abit Geforce FX 5200 128 Mb DDR and an Abit IC7-G Motherboard installed and Windows XP Professional.

My problem is that when the screensaver is on or when a movie is played on WM Player or Power DVD, it freezes after a while. I have already upgraded my video card from a previous Creative Geforce 2 MX200 32 Mb to the one listed but did not solve any problems. I have also checked all standby, suspend hibernate modes and everything has been deactivated in Windows XP as well as BIOS. Even the video card drivers are up to date... Does anyone have any suggestions??? Any help will be deeply appreciated.

P.S By freezing I mean the computer does not respond to ALT+CTRL+END, music that might be playing is stopped and there is no responce or remedy unless I reset.

you should try ctrl+alt+del to end tasks as for your freezing problem, i think it may be something to do with your video card, because alot of people have been having close to the same problem you are having, I cannot offer help because I am not experienced enough but perhaps somebody else on the forums will. :confused:

Maybe set
System Standby :never
System Hibernates :never
(if you haven't already)

Well, thank you for the suggestions, however, these were things I had already tried. Now, since I was desperate for solutions and even bought diagnostics programs which showed that my computer was fine I thought the only thing left to do was to flash my BIOS, that was flashed back in November and a new update has been made available lately.

For about a week it was running with no problems even through demanding applications which in the past would freeze within seconds. However, when I restarted it for the first time even thought it was working for over a week, it freezes again.

I am in desperate need of help!!!

After trying everything possible, the answer was a new MSI 875 P Neo FIS2R motherboard. The computer now has no problems plus it is faster!!!

Too bad because I had such a good impression of ABIT!!!