Hi there, I'm having problems burning some files on a blank DVD. the error message which comes up states that I do not have enough disk space on my blank DVD. t says I only have 4.3 gb of space when my disk says it has 4.7 gbs available. Does this mean that the blank DVD is wrong and I actually have 4.3 available on it, or does this mean that windows is reading the disk wrong. Someone please help.

Thanks in Advance.


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I look at this problem in the following way:

1. If this happens with multiple DVD's that you use to copy then it's not an problem with your DVD.

2. But if it happens with and particular DVD then there might be problem with the DVD.

3. Sometimes it may also be an problem with the software compatibility and the version of the WINDOWS or any Operating System that you use.

May be this could be and help to you my friend.

Have a nice day ahead.

Taz Patel.

you lose a little space because the burner requires some space to write the lead-in and to finalize the disk...just don't try to completely fill the disk...just doing that will help you from burning coasters

The solution I found for this problem was my C: drive was full, so it couldn't copy the files to a temporary directory before writing them. Emptying the recycle bin and deleting a few things did it for me.

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