First time on this forum. I am trying to run software for a new Epson Artisan 50 printer. My computer will not recognize this printer.

I was able to download the software on my wife's computer. She was able to print a test page. So I don't think it is user error, not as far as I can see.

An icon at the bottom right popped up a couple of times saying Windows was blocking some uploads??? It only stayed for a few seconds and was gone.

I turned off my firewalls thinking that was the problem; it was not. Is there a way to see what programs Windows is blocking?

Thanks Jim

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Try uninstalling the printer software and rebooting your computer again. Some printers insist that the software is partly installed before the printer is connected, if this is the case follow the directions carefully. If not plug your printer into your machine and when Windows finds the new hardware, follow the prompts and allow Windows to see your installation software (CD/DVD) and let it install the printer that way.
If you still have problems I would suggest contacting the printer manufacturer to see if they can assist you..

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