Hello and thank you very much in advance for the help:

I am running Windows ME and just had to get it re-installed
through Gateway tech support. Now my icons are large and
everything seems perferated. A friend mentioned it could be the drivers
associated with the video card or maybe the monitors drivers? I am at
a loss, if anyone could help, it would be much appreciated. I believe the video card is: Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA).

Thanks again in advance.

maybe a better choice of words is resolution. it looks extremely low.

By any chance have tried to adjust the display settings in display properties ,if you have gone there and there is only one option for color ,i.e 16 colors, you may not having the correct video card drivers.

yes, it will not let me adjust the resolution. I haven't made any changes to this pc at all and have had it for 3 yrs. thanks for the reply. this sucks.

you are lacking the appropriate display driver. If you havethe original motherboard disk, driver disk or whatever use it. if not go to the website of the computer you have, look up your model of computer & download the video display driver