Purchased a computer at a yard sale. Windows 95. The computer says "Ultra". Never heard of it before. Seemed like a decent little learning comp for my son.

Issue: It came with no discs. There is an error with Internet Explorer. Need a disc to solve. Couple of other minor glitches. I want to wipe the system and set it up new for J. I have several restoration discs for Windows 95 and 98 that come from Gateway. I have done quite a few wipes for friends and family but I always have the software that came with each computer.

Question: Can I use a Gateway Windows 95/98 restoration disc in an "Ultra" Computer? I think I can, but son will be devastated if I screw it up. Or he will want to keep using my computer and I am not so good at sharing my toys, lol.

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You could install Linux on it. However, Gateway recovery CD's are designed to only work with Gateway computers.

windows 95 disks are a dime a dozen lately. buy one on ebay, but be sure it is an oem disk that includes the certificate of authenticity.

That DiskGenius thing does little more than change your partitions around. If you did that to the Win95 partition, it would just erase Win95, without reinstalling it. But that's something I always do right before I reinstall Windows - delete the old partition and make a new one.

BTW, you could do the same thing with FDISK on a boot disk...

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