Hey everyone. Just recently I have been messing around with some files on my pc, trying to find a specific driver updater-program that was giving me some trouble. I went into add or remove programs, selected "NVIDIA Drivers" (I'm using a basic Nvidia graphics card), and removed it, thinking that it was this driver updater program. A minute or so later, my whole graphics went into something like a 16 bit mode. Really weird and glitchy looking. I rebooted, and all of my graphics looked fine and normal. (Although when I moved my windows around, they chopped around as if I was running in safe-mode) I opened up 'system properties' and speccy (http://www.piriform.com/speccy). System properties told me I had no graphics card, and speccy told me my graphics card was my monitor(?). The specs from Speccy are below:

Name on
Current Resolution 1024x768 pixels
Work Resolution 1024x734 pixels
State enabled, primary
Monitor Width 1024
Monitor Height 768
Monitor Bpp 32 bits per pixel
Monitor Frequency 1 Hz
Device \\.\DISPLAY1

(Also, just to test to see if my computer was using my graphics card or not, I opened up counter strike and ran it. It told me that 'The specified video mode is not supported') So, I went back to add/remove programs, clicked on 'NVIDIA drivers', and attempted to open the driver program. When I did, the program flashed for half a second and then vanished... So right now I'm kinda stumped as how to re-enable my graphics card and
fit it with its drivers :( any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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If you're able to go to the Cards Maker, download the Driver from there. You may have to use another PC to do this. If so burn the drivers to a disc and install into your PC.

Your right; all I had to do was let nvidida's site scan my pc for the motherboard drivers and then let me download them. Thanks!

Glad to help, jerry9839

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I think your motherboard CD will install drivers for you.

hope your motherboard most likely has many build in components. make sure that you have installed the motherboard driver first!

then do most of your update manually download the newest driver (191.07)take it from http://download.cnet.com/169-21-forceware-winxp-32bit-english-whql-exe/3000-2108_4-178602.html and install afterwords

or if you get the legacy driver to install, run the latest diver from the device manager. you will need to try running it once from device manager before it will extract the setup.exe. assuming the drivers overwrite each other, the setup.exe file will be from the last driver that you tries to install (same name=overwrite). then try it again from device manager but point it at the setup.exe in the cabs folder. if it installs and doesnt work properly 'roll back' the driver to the legacy driver from device manager window.

Your right; all I had to do was let nvidida's site scan my pc for the motherboard drivers and then let me download them. Thanks!

please mark thread as solved ,thanks and ,good luck

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